We write larger-than-life stories. To get you noticed. In a big way.

We aren’t for the mediocre. We’re not your agency if you want the status quo. We combine story and strategy to help you make a splash—and make a difference.

We dive deep to find the song of your soul, then compose a symphony of story and message that will resonate with your readers and transform them. And that’s just the beginning. The book we create with you is a multi-faceted product that can be repurposed for bigger things.


Have you been carrying the weight of an unwritten book for what feels like an eternity? You have a vision of the book in your mind. It may be a little fuzzy, but you know it’s there. You’ve even imagined yourself holding your book in your hand and autographing it for readers. Most importantly, you have envisioned the ways YOUR book will make an impact. The lessons you’ve learned may be exactly the missing pieces your readers need to solve problems or accomplish goals in their own lives. Without your book, none of this is possible. So what’s stopping you from publishing the book you’ve imagined? Get started.



Our comprehensive Book Blueprints detail a creative vision for your book, a portrait of your target reader, a logistical architecture for writing, and finally a project management plan to keep you on track. Once you can really SEE your future book, you will have better clarity on the next steps to turn vision into reality. To FINISH your book, you must start! Our Book Blueprint Service, designed by writers for writers, accomplishes exactly that.

  • A custom one-on-one collaboration with your dedicated literary expert.
  • Analysis of your target audience and marketing objectives.
  • A concrete, comprehensive blueprint document you can put into use right away.
  • A week-by-week project timetable to hold you accountable to your writing goals.


With our customized, one-on-one coaching programs, we essentially become your writing partners as you author a high quality, engaging book on YOUR schedule. This is not for those who prioritize “kicking out a book” in a weekend. Our dedication is to quality and creating a truly transformative, compelling experience for your readers.

In your customized coaching program you will receive:

  • A detailed project management timetable to keep you on track, day by day, week by week, and month by month, until your manuscript is complete.
  • One-on-one weekly accountability, encouragement, and obstacle clearing check-ins.
  • Monthly editorial review of your work by our expert eyes, to let you know what’s working, identify any problematic patterns, and offer writing suggestions.
  • “Wild Card” hours that you can use however you’d like! Whether you need additional productivity and accountability coaching, professional writing strategies, guidance for removing blocks, or additional editorial review time: these hours are there for you to use as you choose.


Are you a candidate for our full service ghostwriting option? We designed this exclusive service for the movers, shakers and stars who are ready to invest in top quality and massive time savings. Imagine an entire memoir, front to back, completely crafted by an experienced, professional writer. Our ghostwriters are specifically skilled in capturing a client’s voice, way of communicating, quirks, emotions, storytelling style, and more.

  • Protect your time while investing in a premium-quality-page-turner with maximum marketing mileage.
  • Your only time investment consists of interview calls with us where we extract your story, and chapter reviews as we write your book.
  • Benefit from our combined decades of experience as literary ghostwriters.
  • Turnkey: First we will help you determine the best publishing path. Then, whether you publish via a traditional or self-published route, we will facilitate the steps from completed manuscript to published book in hand.


Our author brand strategies are focused first on developing a clear, consistent message that the author will use to connect with their audience through their marketing efforts. From there we map out a strategic flow of marketing content via the appropriate communication vehicles for the author’s audience.

Our authors think outside the book. They have big visions for using their life stories and lessons to truly transform their readers. This means that, in addition to developing book writing and publishing strategies for our clients, we look past the book launch to a long-term strategy for getting books to readers. Naturally, with the written word being smack dab in the center of our zone of genius, our author brand strategies are content-based.

The core elements of our author brand strategies are:

  1. A clear message that connects with your audience. Our author brand banks translate book language to marketing language, creating a vault of evergreen content that you can repurpose for your website, social media, emails, blogging, and more.
  2. A strategic, consistent, pre-planned flow of marketing messaging via the right communication vehicles for your audience. Whether you’re posting on social media, blogs, email, media, or multimedia, the goal is to match the message with the medium and deliver it on-tone, on-brand, and on time.


Our do-it-yourself offerings give you access to our decades of book writing and strategy knowledge and experience. The path to publishing just became doable for more aspiring authors than ever before!

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