Writing Extraordinary Stories

We write books and build content strategies around those books, serving larger-than-life personalities with larger-than-life stories. Our dramatic and highly creative “memoirs with a message” drive powerful personal brands.

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The Winning Formula

When you publish your story, you make a splash. When you add strategy, you create a ripple effect. With this formula, you reach more readers. Your story gains reach, power, and the statistics to prove it, positioning you as more than an author: you are now an authority. This is the rock we stand on. Without this formula, it’s just another book.





Our authors’ life lessons are too extraordinary to remain untold. They know that a powerful book is the launch pad for a legacy that will reach dazzling heights and inspire future generations. They change lives through their enterprises, through their personal accomplishments, through their dedication…and through their stories.


Meet the Ink Authors


The complexity, beauty, weight, and intensity of a lifetime deserves an equally mighty method of delivery. There is something about a beautiful, heavy, bound book in your hands that is undefinable and unmistakable. As your readers pore over each page, they feel the emotions of your life and see in their mind’s eye the pictures you have created. Laughing with you, crying with you, living with you and learning from you—each time they open your book, the journey begins again. The beauty of a book is timeless. Write yours.